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Joint Advertorial with Northern Trust in Het Financiele Dagblad – Northern Trust MarketMingle

The Dutch pension system will be undergoing a major change following the ratification of the Wet Toekomst Pensioenen. In effect, the pension system will shift from a defined benefit to a defined contribution style system. This transition will create major administrative and technological challenges as well as important investment questions. The shift requires a valuation of assets in the current system, and subsequently using this valuation to create the participant pools of capital in the new system. For pension plans, successfully managing this transition will be a key factor in delivering on long-term goals for their fund participants.

This will be one of the discussion topics on the ‘MarketMingle’ which Northern Trust will host on Thursday 28 September 2023 at Euronext Amsterdam, were True Partner Capital, Northern Trust and other industry experts will share insights into how to prepare for this pension transition.

To highlight this event, True Partner Capital and Northern Trust have placed the below advertisement in Het Financieele Dagblad.


See a pdf of the advert:
>> Pensions are about to undergo a major change – how can we achieve a fair transition?

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