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TPC crowned winner in China Financial Futures Exchange market making pilot

Publication from True Partner - Shanghai 07-08-2014

Presentation by Maria Zhang during the official ceremony August 8th in Shanghai giving more insight in the True Partner group and corporate strategy

True Partner China (TPC) won the first prize in the market making competition at the CFFEX that started on May 19th 2014. For a period of 5 weeks, more than 60 Chinese Securities and Futures companies joined the competition in Shanghai, including global market leaders in options market making.

The market making performance was based on continuous quoting time and responding to quote requests rate, as well as profit & loss, trading volume, risk management and trading strategy. By combining the previous performance parameters and a margin limit, CFFEX was able to simulate a ‘real market’.

Providing liquidity by continuously quoting in the options bid and ask prices is the most important role of a market maker. This results in an orderly market where the market maker provides bid and ask prices for investors in any kind of market situation. True Partner China was able to fulfill this market making role.

By using True Partners proprietary technology, T8 Software, TPC was able to successfully fulfill this market maker role, achieving first prize out of 60 participants in the competition.

About 48 finalists joined the ceremony

Winning the competition proves that the trading expertise, technology and know-how of True Partner is among the most sophisticated in Asia and China.
Both on the trading and risk management side True Partner has shown that it’s perfectly able to monitor and control risk, as well as to trade orderly and profitable.
True Partner is convinced that it can fulfill the market making role on the mainland exchanges.

China Financial Futures Exchange
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