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True Partner Capital at NT MarketMingle: “Do not let a shock, shock you!”

Northern Trust will be hosting a MarketMingle on Thursday 27 June at Euronext Amsterdam. Through the MarketMingle, Northern Trust brings together front office staff from across the local asset owner and asset manager communities, with discussions focused on a myriad of key typical issues that impact strategy and direction and market themes which are deemed to be particularly pertinent.

The upcoming MarketMingle, themed “Do not let a shock, shock you!”, will shine a spotlight on the scenario of market turmoil in the midst of the Dutch pension transition further to the Wet Toekomst Pensioenen (“WTP”). True Partner Capital’s Head of Investment Solutions, Robert Kavanagh, will join the panel discussion “Risk mitigation scenarios at a scheme level”. This panel will touch upon a scenario of severe market turmoil in the runup to implementing the pension transition. What are the risks that funds would be facing and what preventive measures and solutions would be available to manage these risks. Robert is delighted to contribute the views of True Partner Capital to this panel and elaborate on how True Partner Capital may aid pension fund managers and other stakeholders in navigating the investment risks associated with the pension transition.


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