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True Partner visited Nanhua Futures - Positive Exploration and Moving Forward Together

On 10th January, Mr. Ralph van Put, Chairman of True Partner Capital, and his delegation visited Nanhua Futures, and Mr. Luo Xufeng, Chairman of the Board of Nanhua Futures, and other executive managers attended the gathering.

Mr. Luo Xufeng warmly welcomed the delegation of True Partner Capital and made a preliminary introduction of the historical development of Nanhua Futures and the establishment of various business modules such as investment funds and asset management. He said that under the current framework of China's economic form, Nanhua Futures has been able to steadily grow overall profits thanks to its diversified layout. As the Futures and Derivatives Law continues to be implemented in further detail, Nanhua Futures will be able to continue to leverage its professional advantages and further contribute to the solid development of China's financial markets.

Mr. Ralph van Put fully affirmed these achievements of Nanhua Futures. After that, both parties exchanged their views on the current economic situation and the outlook for financial markets.

Afterwards, Mr. Ralph van Put and his team visited Nanhua Futures' investor education base.

The delegation of TRUE PARTNER was joined by Mr. Chen Donghua, Deputy General Manager of Nanhua Futures, Mr. Zhu Bin, Chief Economist, Mr. Li Lingfang, Assistant General Manager, and Mr. Lin Haowen, the General Manager of Zhejiang Holland & Muh Investment Management Co.


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