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True Partner Capital donates to the Foundation Leergeld

Currently in the Netherlands, over 315.000 children are growing up in poverty. Due to the financial difficulties their parents are facing, these children are not able to participate in activities, which are taken for granted by most of their peers, like going to school on a bicycle, doing their homework on a laptop, taking music lessons, or playing soccer at a sportsclub. Because of this situation, these children are at risk of growing up socially isolated. The Leergeld Foundation wants to make sure that these children can also participate!

The local Leergeld chapters enable these children to participate in both in-school and out-of-school activities, just like their peers. In this way Leergeld provides them with the opportunity to flourish, develop their knowledge and skills and gain self-esteem. Along with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the Royal Dutch Touring Club (‘ANWB’) and other companies, True Partner Technology Netherlands shares the goals of the Leergeld Foundation and has decided to make a donation to the Leergeld Foundation to help give all children equal opportunities in life.


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