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True Partner in the April edition of Financial Investigator

Investment risks in the Dutch pension reforms are underestimated

In the April edition of Financial Investigator, True Partner Capital’s Head of Investment Solutions, Robert Kavanagh is interviewed together with Martin Korst (Senior VP at Northern Trust) . Under the heading “Investment risks in the Dutch pension reforms are underestimated” the risks are discussed which pension plans run towards the implementation of the transition further to the Wet Toekomst Pensioenen (Future of Pensions Act). In the article, Robert also discusses the possibilities to manage and reduce these risks.


Download a pdf of the Dutch article:
Beleggingsrisico’s pensioentransitie worden onderschat>>

Read the Dutch article at the Financial Investigator website:
Financial Investigator full article >>

See the story in the Financial Investigator Magazine April 2024 edition:
Financial Investigator Magazine >>

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