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Press Release: Launch of IAM True Partner Volatility UCITS Fund

The IAM True Partner Volatility UCITS Fund - Ralph van Put, Govert Heijboer, Roy van Bakel and Tobias Hekster

Chicago, Hong Kong - June 20th 2019

IAM and True Partner are delighted to announce the launch of the IAM True Partner Volatility UCITS Fund.

True Partner, established in May 2010 by Ralph van Put, Govert Heijboer, Roy van Bakel, and Tobias Hekster, has been working together as team for two decades. With trading offices in Hong Kong and Chicago, supported by a development center in Amsterdam, the team at True Partner has a truly global market coverage.

The Fund employs a strategy of global Relative Value Volatility trading. The team utilizes strong proprietary trading technology, combined with quantitative modeling and continuous real time risk management. The Fund aims to provide positive returns with negative correlation to equity markets.

Andrew Gibson, CEO of IAM, said: “We are focusing on attracting experienced, high quality and differentiated managers globally to the UCITS universe. We are enthusiastic that more and more of these established managers are embracing the alternative UCITS model, and we are looking forward to seeing IAM’s Alternative UCITS Platform grow in Europe and beyond”.

Ralph van Put, CEO of True Partner, said: “By having this new partnership with IAM, UCITS focused investors can directly access the True Partner global volatility trading strategy. IAM’s Alternative UCITS Platform allows our firm to reach an extensive and sophisticated audience of prospective investors, for whom our unique trading strategy would provide a good portfolio fit.”

True Partner’s launch is the second IAM UCITS funds to be launched this year: IAM Arrowgrass Long/Short Equity UCITS Fund was launched on 7 June 2019,

They will join IAM’s established UCITS funds: Incline Global Long/Short Equity UCITS Fund, Anavio Capital Event Driven UCITS Fund and IAM EJF Alpha Opportunities.

IAM is very enthusiastic about these partnerships with such high quality, well established managers with well proven track records, and we are highly optimistic about the opportunity sets ahead for each of our new funds.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.


About IAM

Founded in April 1989, IAM has invested in Hedge Funds for 30 years. Headquartered in London, IAM also has an office in Stockholm and manages US$4bn as at end March 2019.

Decisions are supported by a well-established investment process and continuity of the senior team. Allocations to hedge funds are made according to client requirements and client collaboration is key to this process. The focus is on a manager driven approach with a profiling process that identifies the most appropriate manager for portfolio construction. The approach to risk control has evolved from a high level of engagement with the industry, managers and the market environment.

IAM targets clients who appreciate a partnership approach to their investments in hedge funds so as to share our expertise and dedicated focus and analysis of hedge fund managers. These clients include Institutions, but also those of an institutional nature, in terms of their asset size or servicing and reporting requirements, who require bespoke solutions.

IAM’s clients include experienced institutional and individual private clients who share the same investment requirements, primarily focusing on risk control including the preservation of capital during volatile markets and consistent, absolute returns over the medium to long-term. Institutional clients, account for the majority of IAM’s segregated assets under management.

IAM does not manage any other products or conduct any business other than the asset management of fund of hedge fund portfolios and the Alternative UCITS fund platform. IAM has never been litigated against and has never received any reprimands or fines from any regulatory authority. There are no legal claims or pending litigation against IAM or any of the funds related to IAM, of which we are aware.

Contact information

Company name: International Asset Management Limited
Contact name: Mirko Butti

Address: 11a Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4LR England
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7734 8488
Fax: +44 (0)20 7287 7129

Further information about IAM can be found at and


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