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Euronext Amsterdam gong sounds for 12th World Championship of True Partner Director

The True Partner Capital team sounds the gong to signal the close of trading at Euronext Amsterdam and celebrate the victory of Hendrik Koppe, Managing Director in the Amsterdam office and Risk Manager, in the IJF World Championship Judo Veterans tournament. Hendrik, a 12-time world champion, is joined by True Partner’s CEO Ralph van Put and colleagues from True Partner’s offices around the world, including Tobias Hekster, co-CIO (based in Chicago) and Robert Kavanagh (from London) who had the privilege of sounding the gong. Below we include a photo of Hendrik in action in the final. Hendrik can also be seen third from left in the picture above.

What is the secret of Hendrik’s repeated success? “It took me 24 years to win my first medal at the nationals. Success doesn’t come easily, I work hard for it. It’s all in the preparation. Sometimes I hear: “If you skip half the trainings, you still win.” But I enjoy learning and getting better every day.” We are proud to count a world champion among our team.

Hendrik with his gold medal


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