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True Partner on Bloomberg TV: How fears of a Brexit are impacting global markets

Look for global opportunities to hedge the risk

June 2016 - Discussion with Mr. Hekster, Co-CIO from True Partner Capital and Bloomberg's Angie Lau about the current global equity markets.

From his perspective as a quant driven fund manager he gives his view on consequences on the Brexit, the Britain citizens voting on june 23 to stay or leave the European Union.

The sentiment is negative: fear of slowing down the growth in the world to hit Europe.

Options valued lower before june 23 are at lower price than after. Investors are seeking opportunities to hedge against Brexit. What is the best approach?

Look at the global perspective. Notice the events on other markets or products that are less influenced by Brexit pricing. Maybe watch companies that are focussed on the Brexit, find save havens and more interesting hedges than the easy Fuji solution.


Watch the discussion of Mr. Hekster and Angie Lau on "First Up":

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