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Asia Hedge Awards 2015

Running for best performing hedge funds in Asia

​AsiaHedge Awards 2015

The award is about celebrating the top performing hedge funds in the Asia-Pacific hedge fund industry. The awards bring together both international and Asian hedge fund managers and investors to acknowledge the achievements of the best in the industry.

True Partner Fund has been nominated before in 2012 as 'New Fund of the Year' and in 2013 in the category 'Arbitrage & Market Neutral'.

The 2015 nomination is in the category 'Arbitrage & Relative Value':
– Northwest Fund
– Pine River Asia Master Fund
– True Partner Fund

Announcement of the winner will be will be on 29 October 2015

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Volatility trader True Partner gains traction with investors

While few volatility funds are still standing in Asia after several years of low market volatility, Hong Kong-based True Partner Fund, an Asian equity volatility arbitrage specialist, is gaining traction with investors.

Started in 2011, the fund is unique in the Asian vol space due to its market-making approach and ability to trade globally. It is annualising at 6% since inception, and is up nearly 5% this year.

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