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10 Year celebration with opening trading day at Euronext

True Partner team of the Amsterdam office sounds the gong

Amsterdam, 12-2019

Together with his Amsterdam-based colleagues and CEO Ralph van Put, Co-CIO Tobias Hekster sounds the gong to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of True Partner Capital.

The team has a long history with the trading floor at Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam where Tobias Hekster traded in the open outcry before the move to screen trading in 2002.

The technology team members in Amsterdam and Hong Kong are working on proprietary trading software, connectivity and IT for more than 15 years. They evolve current scalable technology with cloud solutions and microservices to enable the AuM growth ambition globally.

The company's first fund is the flagship True Partner Fund. True Partner started quietly in Hong Kong with $21 million in seed capital and internal money back in 2010, the company now has AuM of more than 1 billion USD and global offices from Hong Kong to Chicago.


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