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Nominated by AsiaHedge; True Partner Fund reaches USD 100 Million

Publication from True Partner

AsiaHedge Award celebration - by Ralph van Put

True Partner fund, an affiliate of True Partner Holding, reached the threshold of USD 100 Million per October 2013, with new investor IMQ Investment Management BV investing USD 33 Million in the Fund.

IMQ is an Amsterdam, Netherlands based provider of capital for emerging hedgefunds. True Partner's CEO mr. Ralph van Put commented on the investment, saying: "We are pleased with the coöperation with IMQ as it highlights our momentum in asset gathering, with IMQ providing an opportune bridgehead towards institutional investors". Articles relating to this investment have been published in various media, including Bloomberg and Opalesque.


The performance of the True Partner Fund has been noted. With a year-to-date return of over 20% (as per month end September), True Partner Fund is one of the best performers in the volatility arbitrage space. This has resulted among others in a nomination of the Fund for the AsiaHedge Awards 2013, in the category 'arbitrage and market neutral'.


About True Partner Fund
True Partner Fund (TPF) is an Asia Equity Volatility Arbitrage fund that trades global listed securities predominantly in equity indices and equities across all time zones via a single book. The strategy utilizes proprietary models and systems to efficiently identify and trade relatively undervalued and overvalued options across multiple exchanges. The fund aims to provide uncorrelated returns by using a generally Delta neutral and on average Vega neutral approach.


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