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Since its inception in 2010, the Global Volatility Summit has been a leader in educating institutional investors on volatility and options trading strategies, and their roles in institutional investment portfolios through its annual conference series. The Global Volatility Summit has the dual mission of not only promoting education of the space through the annual conference, but also throughout the year. There is a newsletter series which includes timely and relevant commentary and insight on the volatility markets, as well as white papers and presentations.

The Annual Summit brings together volatility and tail hedge managers, global institutional investors, thought provoking speakers, and other industry experts to discuss the volatility markets and the roles volatility can play in institutional investors’ portfolios. This dynamic day includes presentations, educational sessions, idea sharing, lively debates, and constructive networking sessions.

True Partner Capital USA joins the Summit

Tobias Hekster, Co-CIO of True Partner Capital USA in Chicago, will be a speaker at the 8th Global Volatility Summit in March 2017.

Tobias Hekster has been actively trading for the past 18 years in various different roles in several markets across the globe. Starting at IMC in 1998 as a pit trader in Amsterdam, Tobias has established the off-floor arbitrage desk, headed the Chicago office in the transition from floor trading to electronic trading and set up the Asian volatility arbitrage desk in Hong Kong. Tobias holds an MSc in Economics and has taught as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and as an Adjunct Professor of Financial Practice at National Taiwan University.


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